Gas Line Installation

Gas Line Installation in the Greater Raleigh Area

Gas lines can be very important to the function and enjoyment of your home. They can run appliances of all types including ovens, laundry machines, heaters, generators and grills. In order to make sure that you are using them safely, correctly and efficiently, you can trust Statewide Plumbing to bring the knowledge and experience you want in a home contractor.

Your Responsibility

While gas lines into the home are regulated by state and local government, they are still your responsibility. That’s why it’s important to make sure that you stay on top of maintenance, repairs and replacements, with a licensed & certified professional, as damages can be very difficult to predict.

Meeting Standards

Anytime you add or modify a gas line or make a change to the gas supply, a permit is required. With years of experience installing gas lines both locally and all across North Carolina, Statewide Plumbing Inc. will handle all the permits and inspections in addition to the work itself.

For Your Efficiency

Gas heat and appliances provide a great alternative to typically costlier electricity. If you are already connected to gas lines in some capacity, you may stand to save on your utility costs by switching to gas equipment.

Enjoyment and Safety

A gas line running to your grill can help you to enjoy your state of the art grill, fireplace or generator, cutting down the cost and inconvenience of picking up new propane tanks. With natural gas lines, you experience benefits from enjoying the outdoors to keeping your home running in the event of a power loss.

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